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Gyeonggi Goverment Trade Corp.

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Gyeonggi Trade Corporation

Welcome to the official website of Gyeonggi Trade Corporation, an agricultural corporation.
We are a trade company founded with the aim of exporting K-Ginseng, the brand of four ginseng farming cooperatives based in Gyeonggi-do, and various other agricultural products from the province.
Amid the heated competition in the global agricultural market, we are dedicated to increasing the export volume of agricultural products from Gyeonggi-do Province. As part of such efforts, we’ve been promoting the strengths and special characteristics of the agricultural products from our province at overseas trade fairs and buyer meetings.
Based on the experiences we’ve accumulated over the years, we will strive to pioneer new markets abroad with persistence.


A company that bridges spaces, time and people for a better world


To emerge as an all-encompassing trade company
through value creation activities,
with a global network

Strategic Direction

  • Focus on core businesses
    (trade & logistics) /
    Emerge as a global comprehensive
    trade company

  • Foster

  • Top-quality services / Innovative thinking / Creative thinking

    Establish a corporate culture that is geared toward equipping competent individuals with progressive thinking, professionalism, morality and passion to be the best in their field
    Provide optimum services through services that exceed customer expectations, process innovation, and creative thinking